- Jun 2016 - "Coast to Coast" exhibition at Services Industrielles de Genève - Geneva, Switzerland

- July 2016 - "Coast to Coast" exhibition at Centre de l'Espérance - Geneva, Switzerland

- December 2016 - "Milky Matterhorn" pictures at Galerie 361 - Annecy, France

- March 2017 "Coast to Coast" exhibition at Galerie 361 - Annecy, France

- October and November 2017 - "Coast to Coast" exhibition at "Le Calamar" - Geneva, Switzerland

- May 2019 "Coast to Coast" and "Portrait de paysage" at Gallerie EMA - Geneva, Switzerland

- September, November and December 2019, "Portrait de paysage" at Clinique Privée de Rive. Geneva, Switzerland



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